Green Maeng Da: What You Need to Know

Almost two decades ago, kratom entered the American market as an ‘exotic’ medicinal substance. Since then, it has seen a lot of ups and downs in its reputation as an effective health supplement.

Due to a lack of research and medical studies on this plant, people hear all kinds of things about it. Users love it while several people have heard that it is dangerous.

You will come across a lot of articles and news pieces that advocate the dangers of kratom and even link the death to an overdose. However, since this reading material is not backed by science; there is no reason to believe!


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Where to Get Free Kratom Samples Online

Kratom is an herb that was recently introduced in the market for people who are looking for alternative ways to boost their energy and relax after a stressful day.

Many people are unaware of this amazing herb and the brands that are selling authentic Kratom but they wish to start using these products.

Speaking from experience, it is possible for you to buy from the wrong vendors in the beginning but what if I tell you that there is a way, unknown to people, to get Kratom products for free before placing actual orders.

Some of you might become victims of counterfeit items but those who care to surf the deep waters of the internet may find that there are vendors who offer free kratom samples to customers to try.

These are vendors who wish to develop brand loyalty among the buyers and in my opinion, these are the ones who actually care about what we consume and how it affects our health. Before going any further, let us first look at some general questions you may be thinking about. (more…)

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Yellow Kratom: Strains, Effects, Benefits, Dosage & More

Yellow Kratom has only added to the growing popularity of the botanical plant. People in the US are considering various Kratom strains to find the best one that meets their requirements. If you have ever googled Kratom strains, you must have come across three Kratom strains; Green Vein Kratom, Red Vein Kratom, and White Vein Kratom. However, Yellow Vietnam Kratom and other strains of this vein are becoming popular.

Yes, Yellow Vein Kratom is a rare Kratom strain that has risen to fame only recently. In this article, we will solve all the complicated mysteries revolving around Yellow vein Kratom’s effects, its types, dosages, and every tidbit you ought to know about. (more…)

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Kratom Tea Bible: The 2020 How-To Guide

Are you fond of drinking coffee? If so, are you searching for an alternative beverage with incredible health benefits? If you answered yes, Kratom tea might be your answer. Just like coffee, the Kratom tree is in the Rubiaceae family.

Thus, a drink prepared with Kratom is as stimulating as coffee. Our Kratom tea recipe is simple and great for anyone who enjoys a nice cup of tea.


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All About the Kratom Plant

If you are tired of regular medical treatments and looking to shift towards more of herbal and traditional drugs, you must have come across the Kratom plant as a potent pain reliever. Kratom is a mystical and more so, miraculous botanical that has been popular not only as an analgesic, but as an anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, mood stabilizer, and whatnot. (more…)

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