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Guide to Borneo Kratom Powder

If you search for white, red, or red vein borneo kratom on Reddit you’ll find a plethora of posts describing the clean, energized feeling this strain provides. White vein borneo kratom is known for its uplifting and motivating qualities.

If you’re looking to fight addiction, get out of a depression funk, or get some heavy lifting done–then our borneo green kratom powder could be the helping hand you need.

What are common white borneo kratom effects?

Borneo kratom effects are known to offer more variety from person-to-person than other kratom strains, but it is most know for it’s euphoria, motivation, energy, and addiction fighting abiltities.

Historical accounts describe white borneo kratom euphoria is an added bonus in this strain, bringing you the good vibes and happiness you crave to get through those tough days.

What is the correct borneo kratom dosage?

We always recommend starting with a small dosage to see how you react to the product and prevent building a high kratom tolerance.

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