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Green Malay: The Kratom Beginner’s Guide [2021 Update]

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Malay Kratom is harvested and grown in the islands between Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

The leaves of Malay Kratom act like mu-opioids, including morphine. It offers relief from extreme pain and helps in the treatment of several other health issues too.


Compared to the other Kratom types, Green Malay has sustainable effects. The high amount of alkaloids present in the leaves of this plant is responsible for the potency and enhanced stimulation effects. These alkaloids are the reason why Malay is the most popular strain among Kratom fans.

In this article, I will share all the essential details of Green Malay Kratom, and if you have never tried it and are planning to buy it, this discussion might help you.


This strain is an excellent choice for many, as it is full of benefits. It is useful for treating different health conditions. I have discussed some essential uses so you can decide whether it fits your requirements or not.

Boosts energy

If you think you are a bit low on energy, Green Malay Ketum will save you, and you will feel a shift in your energy levels after consuming this strain. I used to feel my energy draining out when I had extra workload, and at times it was challenging to keep working. After taking Green Malay Kratom, I got rid of this problem, and using it boosts my energy so I can vouch for this strain.

Enhances focus

In this busy life where everybody is trying to get ahead of the other person, there are times when we lose our focus. This behavior results in problems and stress in the future. I usually faced this issue until I tried Green Malay. It would help if you took this to avoid the feeling that your focus is lost, and you will be surprised by the outcome. It helps overcome the anxiety, stress, and offers clarity of mind to continue work in a better way.

Functions as an Antioxidant

The Green Malay Kratom is a strain full of antioxidant properties. Customers claim this strain can help support a stronger immune system. It has anti-aging properties too, and it takes away the wrinkles and stressful look from your face and gives you a fresh, clean look. People who have experienced these effects fell in love with this strain and feel that they should have known about it earlier.

Uplifts mood

Green Malay euphoria is the quality of this strain that boosts your mood. Feelings of happiness occur due to the high content of 7-hydroxymitragynine in this strain. This ‘happy feeling’ stems directly from the euphoric nature of this plant. Green vein Malay is one of my favorite strains, and I take this whenever I feel depressed and experience a sudden change in my mood and a beam of positivity that overshadows the negative thoughts.



The dosage of Green Malay Kratom differs from other strains as the former is more potent than others are. The dose also varies for every individual because of certain factors such as age, weight, tolerance levels, and others that influence the user’s experience.

  • For checking your tolerance level, you need to experiment with how much your body can take and does not cause any side effects.
  • Start with low doses and increase until you find the perfect treatment.
  • The doses of Kratom, according to body weight, are categorized into three categories for your assistance:
  • If you weigh 150 lbs. or less, take 2 to 3 grams per day.
  • If your weight is between 150-200 lbs., take 3 to 4 grams per day.
  • If your weight is more than 200 lbs., 5 grams per day is the correct dose for you.


There are pros and cons to everything that we take. In the same way, taking higher doses of Green Malay Ketum causes the following side effects:

  • Complains of nausea
  • Light-headedness and feeling dizzy
  • Concentration problems
  • Blurry vision
  • Slurred speech

Always follow the dose and never exceed the recommended amount to prevent any of these from happening.


For the best effects, you need to take care of the following points when you take your dose for Green Malay Kratom:

  1. Take Green Malay Kratom on a full stomach if you want to gain maximum benefit of the strain.
  2. The ideal dose for Green Malay at a time is 2 grams. Exceeding the treatment, more than this amount can result in side effects.
  3. Increase the dose only by 0.5 grams per day according to your tolerance and experience with Kratom.
  4. Take Ketum after every 6-7 hours if you want to experience the magical effects at its fullest.
  5. If you are a beginner, start by taking 1.5 grams and increase the dose according to your body’s tolerance levels.


Green Malay Kratom exists in two forms: crushed leaf powder and capsules. Ketum tea is the best way to incorporate the powder into your routine. Most people prefer coffee and start their day with a strong cup of Ketum coffee.

The “toss and wash” method is the simplest way to consume Kratom. In this method, you toss the powder in your mouth and take it down with water. It gives the most potent effect, but you should continue it if you can resist the harshness of the powder. However, this method may be irritating for some users.

Another way is to add the powder to fruit juices, smoothies, and milkshakes. Enjoy a healthy drink combined with the magic of Ketum.

Capsules are the best way to take Green Malay Kratom. The effects are long-lasting, and you can feel the energy in your body soon after you consume them.


Online vendors generally sell 1 oz. of Green Malay powder for $9.99, and at some places, it goes up to $15.99. The price of a bottle of 50 capsules runs on average from $17.99 to $32.99. Often prices vary according to the brand and depend on your preference.


You might have come heard the name Super Green Malay Kratom. It is different from the standard Green Malay as the harvesting of this strain involves a complicated process. The word “super” means only substantial, giant-size leaves make it into this strain, which means it has a high amount of alkaloids. Manufacturing also appropriately affects the potency of this strain. These are the reasons why it is called “Super.” It offers energy and mood-boosting and pain-relieving benefits.


Green Malay is different from both Bali and Maeng Da, as it is more potent than the other two.

You can feel its effects right after consuming it, and one impact follows the other, they also subside in the same way, that is gradually, and do not fade away at the same time as it happens with different strains.

Bali is best known for its pain-relieving effects, and it does not offer the energizing effects like Green Malay. However, Maeng Da has better energy-boosting properties as compared with Malay Ketum but has short-term results. Taking this strain helps people increase their concentration level and gives a better feeling overall.

Talking about these three, I would say if you want a euphoric feel, choose Green Malay, if you are looking for higher energy and enthusiasm, then Maeng Da is for you. However, if reducing pain is your preference, then Bali strains should suffice.


Green Malay Kratom may be the jack-of-all-trades of Kratom strains. I have picked up the top three vendors, who are known for selling the best quality of this strain and never compromise on their standards. Buying from them will always be a pleasant experience, and you will wish to order again. These brands are as follows:

Kratom Wave:

They offer Green Malay in powder form as well as in capsules. It has made its place in the best-selling strains at the store. They manufacture and process Kratom according to the finest standards and deal with only high-quality Ketum.


If you were unaware of this strain with extraordinary effects, it is time to try it and experience what you have been missing out for long. It is essential to take it in the right amount to enjoy the benefits of this beautiful herb. We should use it responsibly and be a regular user to attain amazing results. Share your experience of taking Green Malay Kratom, if you have tried it before and inspire others! A tip from you might be beneficial for someone out there.


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