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Is Kratom Legal in Virginia in 2020?

Virginia Kratom Laws 2020

Is Kratom legal to purchase in Virginia? Kratom is a powder that is processed from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa plant that grows naturally in countries in Southeast Asia. The powder has been used for centuries as a natural health remedy but has since been banned in most countries where it is native including Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

What is Kratom?

The reason for the banning is that the powder has mind-altering or psychoactive properties similar to opiates and is just as addictive. There is also very little known about the adverse side effects and whether the claims regarding the health benefits can be supported by scientific fact.

This lack of scientific research is however one of the main reasons that the substance has not been banned in the United States. The DEA attempted to get Kratom listed as a controlled substance in 2016 in the same vein as drugs like LSD and heroin. Public disapproval of the banning led to the withdrawal of the banning request by the DEA.

However, that has left the issue of whether to ban the substance up to each state. So far, it has only successfully been banned in 6 states across the USA while some states have applied restrictions to the sale, purchase, distribution or use of the products.

Is Kratom Legal In Virginia?

Currently, Kratom is entirely legal in the state of Virginia. This means that no restrictions apply to how much can be sold, purchased or used. There are also no laws against farming or growing Kartom or distributing the plant or it’s products for processing or sale.

In fact, Virginia is one of the few states where no move has been made to get the substance banned at all. No bills have been brought before the committee to be heard regarding the banning of the substance.

However, this does not mean that this may not happen in the future. New research is being done and the scientific evidence that is being gathered does not bode well. The FDA released an official public warning regarding the use of Kratom or its products citing 36 deaths that have reportedly occurred due to overdose. There are also a number of adverse side effects.

Virginia Kratom Legality

Understanding the adverse side effects and dosage information is critical to ensuring the safety and benefits of Kratom while limiting the negative aspects. However, those against banning the substance say that it will prevent this crucial scientific research from ever being performed. For now, rest easy knowing Kratom is legal to purchase in Virginia.


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