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Is Kratom Legal in Washington in 2020?

Washington Kratom Laws 2020

Is Kratom legal in Washington state? At one point, the DEA wanted to schedule kratom and make it illegal to possess and use in the USA. In fact, they put in on emergency scheduling status so it could be made illegal quickly. When this happened, people in the USA banded together and wrote to their congressmen and did things like called the DEA to share stories about how kratom was helping them. The DEA heard the people and took the ban off the table because they then wanted to do more research and didn’t expect such a big reaction from people.

Is Kratom Legal in Washington?

It’s important to find out where kratom is legal so you know where you can obtain it and where you’re allowed to possess it. In Washington state, kratom is legal and you’re allowed to have as much of it on you as you wish. Here is more information on kratom and its legality.

Washington Kratom Laws

When kratom was going to be banned in the United States by the DEA, they cited a few deaths that happened to people they thought were kratom related. However, if you look into the deaths, you’ll see that there were other chemicals mixed in with the kratom that they took that were more likely to have been what caused the deaths. There have been no deaths from even very large amounts of kratom being taken and most of the time when there is a death with kratom involved, there are other drugs in the systems of those people.

Before you travel to Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin you need to get rid of any kratom you have on you. These are the states where you cannot have kratom. Also, if you plan to travel through these areas, you need to get rid of kratom so you don’t get pulled over and then arrested for having an illegal substance on you or in your vehicle. You need to follow the laws no matter where you go so always research what is legal and where it’s legal before you travel.


You now know that kratom is legal in Washington state and that there are people fighting to keep it legal in most areas of the US. The fact is, the powers that be don’t want kratom to be legal but there are enough people using it and getting good results that laws are unlikely to be passed banning it any time soon.


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